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about 1 year ago

Upcoming Technical Trainings + Prize Reminder

You’re nearly halfway to the submission deadline! Don’t miss the weekly office hours for Alexa Conversations, and plan for these upcoming SPECIAL live streams:

  • August 18th and 20th: Alexa Conversations Tutorial modules walk through with Alexa Evangelist Justin Jeffress (@sleepydeveloper).
  • August 25th and 27th: Pizza ordering hosted skill template breakdown with Alexa Evangelist Justin Jeffress (@sleepydeveloper) and Amazon developer Nathan Grice.

A new software release this week brings bug fixes and improvements to the developer experience. The fix allowing the simulator to work in regions outside the US is also rolling out during the week. And finally, thanks for your feedback that has already helped Justin improve the tutorial.


And if just building cool skills with the latest in AI tech wasn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants!

Participation Prizes – awarded to the top 300 highest scoring Eligible Entries that did not also win any higher prizes.

  • United States winners • $50 USD delivered via digital gift card
  • International winners • $50 USD transferred via PayPal

Bonus Prizes – $2,000 awarded per category, submissions need not be finalists.

  • Best Food and Drink Skill
  • Best Travel and Transportation Skill
  • Best Productivity Skill
  • Best Education & Reference Skill
  • Best Game Skill
  • Best Wildcard Skill
  • Best Alexa Conversations Audio Skill
  • Best Alexa Conversations Visual Skill

Finalist Prizes - ten finalists will take home $5,000, be featured in an Alexa developer blog post, and have a chance to be interviewed on Alexa Chief Evangelist Dave Isbitski’s podcast!

Grand Prize - the winner for the overall best Alexa skill using Alexa Conversations will be chosen from the finalists and will receive $20,000 on top of their finalist prize.

This list, along with an important note on multiple prize eligibility can be found at

Good luck and happy building!