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Adding team mates

So I have a team of three and we all have registered for this hackathon. To add them on the platform as well I kept my team settings to "I'm looking for teammates" so that they could join. I only received a mail from their id to request team join but there has been no updates on Devpost and I am unable to see them as team members, there is no screen that shows your current team. Is that how it is supposed to be? Will teams not be defined on the platform? If this is the case how would we make a submission as a team?


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    Hey Aayush!

    Good question. You can start your submission form and then there's a spot for adding teammates. You can either add them by using their Devpost email OR by sending them a link that you'll see in that section.

    You can keep editing the submission form up until the deadline so don't worry if you have placeholders for the info for now.


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    Thanks for the help Stef!

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