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Shall is use only Pubilc API ?

Hello, I went through the link regarding the Alexa skill development competition you are conducting. I would like to submit my entry to this competition. I have a question. When I'm developing a skill, I will need certain data. For this data, should I be using the public API that gives the data or can I develop my own database with some data in it and connect it. To be more precise, this skill has to be something that works in real time, or just like a prototype or an idea for an Alexa skill. Please let me have your reply.


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    Hey Suresh!

    Glad to have you join us! Your Alexa Skill needs to be published in the US Alexa Skill Store so that means it needs to be functional (not just an idea) and any connecting data you use must be able to also work for other users. If it's a placeholder dataset that a real world user couldn't access, then I don't think the skill would pass certification for publication.

    Does that help? If you have any technical questions about the implementation, please join us in the Slack! There are Alexa team members who can help and we also have Office Hours on Mondays on Twitch. Here's the Slack link: https://join.slack.com/t/alexaconversations/shared_invite/zt-g6dj8whc-WE66cZtxaLm3jDrKNN3N7Q


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    Suresh, feel free to use either public APIs or your own data (or a mixture of both) as long as it works. The pizza ordering reference skill is a good example.

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